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Learning Dreamweaver

        Web development has been an exciting experience that has lead to wanting to learn more about how to use a database driven approach to building websites. Websites can be built in several different ways, either with the use of a WYSIWYG editor or by hand coding the applications and modifying the code to make changes to the website. These topics include easier ways to build websites and can save considerable amounts of time in the long run. 

       The database approach to web design allows designers to build the website and allows the customer to view the results, while building the website as the on going process is completed. The student can save all the files to the website on the computer, while the customer can view certain files to adjust the website to their preference. If files need to be deleted, they may be deleted from the documents folder in the C: drive or root folder. This feature is very handy because a student can drop images into a specific folder and then go into the Dreamweaver program and add the image from the root folder without specifically adding individual images. Several images can be stored into one file and later used into the program. 

       Images should be resized first using Adobe Photoshop before actually adding them into the website. The reason for this is because the image may have a distorted image and lose the quality of the image if it is added to the image first and then added to the web page. Use shift + Enter to write text underneath the picture. If you dont use this short cut then the text will appear double spaced in the WYSIWYG editor. Photoshop is another handy program designed to edit images and size images to be presentable for the web page. Certain aspects of the image may be wanted to make the image stand out more. The background could be distorted to bring out the actual image being displayed to put more detail into the image rather than a certain part of the image. 

        The WYSIWYG editor is an absolute favorite application inside Dreamweaver that works just like a word document. In the editor, a web developer types the document as it is written and makes adjustments to the document the same as word is used. Even images can be posted into the web page using the editor. The pages are linked into the document so when the page is debugged, the customer can click on a hyperlink to go directly to a specific page to get more information. 

        Hand coding is another key aspect to web development for the sake of making changes to the website that Dreamweaver can not make in the WYSIWYG editor. For instance, all colors could be easily changed using the standard format 00336699ccdd. Only one number may be needed to change to a specific color the customer wants that is not included in Dreamweaver. 

        The use of all these amazing tools makes it so much easier to understand web development and apply what we have learned by actually doing instead of seeing how to make adjustments to the website. Without the use of the WYSIWYG editor, coding the actual website would take fare more time to build without the editor. Having knowledge for editing the pictures gives us students the professional look of editing pictures and will make the overall website look presentable.


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